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CSE is here for you. We want to help you with any of your Structural needs as it relates to existing Buildings or General Structures.

CSE is a specialized firm dedicated to the structural forensic and structural rehabilitation of existing steel, reinforced concrete (normal and post-tensioned), wood and masonry structures. CSE's expertise extends into all aspects related to structural forensics and rehabilitation to include; forensic construction failures, forensic service failures, forensic maintenance failures, emergency structural reviews, pre-construction reviews, visual surveys, detailed condition surveys, pre-designs, detailed structural designs, contract preparation, construction review services, health and safety reviews, emergency first response failure services, emergency shoring, shoring, re-shore, scaffolding design and structural demolition design and more. Typical facilities include; building structures, parking structures, building balconies, flat roof structures, subway tunnel structures, running structures, vent shafts, above & below facilities, retaining walls, bridges, historical buildings, arenas, structural paving and post-tensioned & pre-stressed concrete structures. A brief listing of our services from the beginning of a typical structural rehabilitation project to it completion can be summarized as follows:

Health and Safety/Emergency Services

  • 24hr-7days a week on call service.
  • Health and safety/emergency structural visual evaluations.
  • Health and safety/emergency shoring designs.
  • Health and safety/emergency material deterioration/evaluations.

Pre and Post Construction Reviews

  • Visual or detailed residential existing condition surveys.
  • Visual or detailed commercial existing condition surveys.

Material Evaluation and Testing Services

  • CSA certified laboratory material testing services to include;
  • Air void testing.
  • Carbonation testing.
  • Soluble chloride ion testing.
  • Compressive strength testing.
  • Non-destructive on-site testing to include.
  • GPR (ground penetration radar).
  • Impact Echo.
  • Yield strength testing of existing reinforcing steel.
  • Concrete embedded cable/conduit location services.
  • Metallic metal (normal reinforcing steel) locations.
  • Non-metallic metal (copper, aluminum) pipe locates.

Forensic Structural Review Services

  • Visual and detailed investigations on the cause of structural rehabilitation failures.
  • Forensic construction failures.
  • Forensic service failures.
  • Forensic service failures.

Preliminary/Visual Condition Survey

  • Visual surveys in accordance to M.T.O. Inspection manual.
  • Preliminary structural evaluations.

Detailed Condition Survey

  • Detailed condition surveys in accordance to M.T.O.’s structural rehabilitation manual, to include;
  • Visual surveys.
  • Delamination surveys.
  • Covermeter surveys.
  • Corrosion activity surveys.
  • Concrete testing & laboratory work.

Pre-Design Services

  • Pre-Design services.
  • Repair alternative formulation.
  • Construction sequencing and logistics evaluation.
  • Constructability reviews.
  • Construction scheduling.
  • Repair cost estimations.
  • Life cycle sost analysis.
  • Repair recommendations.

Detailed Design Services

  • Structural replacement design services.
  • Structural Rehabilitation design services.
  • Tender support/evaluation services.

Construction Review Services

  • General contract sdministration services.
  • Contract initiations services.
  • Regular site review services.
  • Shop drawings review services.
  • Monthly progress billing reviews.
  • Contract shanges evaluation/initiations.
  • Change sirective evaluation/initiations.
  • Progress reports.
  • Construction testing services.
  • Contract schedule preparation and tracking.
  • Contract arbitration and dispute services.
  • Contract deficiency reports.
  • Contract commissioning services.
  • Contract close-out services.

Forensic Construction Failure Evaluation

CSE was retained to perform a detailed structural review of a failure of a large section of masonry wall for a historical old building. Our review revealed a problem that existing since construction that only was a matter of time until the failure occured. It took more than 80 years to show up, but eventually the failure occured. Evaluation revealed that the condition was a construction related problem with the brick tie installation of the masonry wall. Give us a call for all your Forensic Construction Failure Evalautions.


Forensic Service Failure Evaluation

CSE was retained to prepare a demolition plan for the sudden failure of a pier crane used to load cargo into container ships. Our review centered on the service failure of the crane since the crane toppled over under service conditions. Our structural review did not reveal any design concerns. If you have a problem with the services capacity of your structure or building then give us a call for all your Forensic Service Failure Evalautions.


Forensic Maintenance Failure Evaluation

The lack of Maintenance of an existing Parking Structure was the lead cause of a bobcat punching through the suspended floor slab. The bobcat dropped more than 20' to the ground and luckily the driver was not hurt nor anyone else. The Repairs & Maintenance of parking structures is often over looked by Owners. But in our Canadian climate where we have plenty of water and road salts you cannot ignore it. Give us a call for all your Forensic Maintenance Failure Evaluations.


Structural Evaluation Services

CSE was retained to perform a detailed structural evaluation of one of the prime digesters in a sewage treatment plant. The detailed structural evaluation revealed that the old digester (over 50 years) was in good condition and could be restored. The restoration of the digester save the client close to 5 million dollars for the cost of a complete replacement. Give us a call for all your Structural Evaluation needs.


Structural Demolition Design Services

CSE provides assistance to most of the larger demolition companies in Canada. Our services have been used from British Columbia to Newfoundland. CSE has designed counteless "Engineer Procedures" that eliminates the old wrecking ball philosophy of the "Cow Boy" demolition, which is not acceptable practice any more. Give us a call for all your demolition needs. We can help you prepare a Safe Demolition Plan.


Structural Safety & Emergency Response

CSE has acted as the lead structural engineer in many types of emergency projects. As an example, CSE conducts structural evaluations for the Fire Marshall on many fire damaged buildings and provides designs to make these buildings safe so that the investigators can access the building safely. Give us a call for all your Structural Health, Safety, Emergency and 1st Response needs.


Pre and Post Construction Review Services

CSE can assist you with your Pre and Post Construction Surveys. It is very important to record existing condition around the new construction since your neighbors will blame you for any damages that you probably did not cause. At CSE we look for the real issues that are structurally related and have any significance. Other firms just offer a photographic/video review and leave the interpretation to you. Give us a call for all your Pre and Post Construction Surveys to ensure you are protected should the need arise.


Structural Decommissiong Design Services

Decommisioning of large and small infrastructures takes a certain type of talent and experience. There are many aspects to a suscessful decommissiong project from Enviromental/Electrical/Mechanical and Structural. At CSE we have been performing decommisioning services for many years and together with our partners we can provide you with a one-stop service plan to ensure your project proceeds in a manner that you are protected. Give us a call for all your Commercial and Industrial Decommissioning needs.


Parking, Balcony & Roof Structures Evaluations

In any low and high rise condomimium buildings you have three (3) major components that required your attention. They are the Parking Structure, the Balconies and the Roof Structure. At CSE we have you covered. We can perform detailed structural evaluations of these three major components from a true structural perspective and not from a general technical audit assessment. At CSE you will know where you "stand" for these structures from a true structural perspective. Give us a call for all your Parking Structure, Balcony and roofing structural condition assessments.


Fire Damaged Structural Evaluations

If you have a fire damaged building. Please call us. Fire damaged buildings required a specialized review performed by qualified structural engineers. There are many hidden problems with fire damaged buildings and if you don't know what you are doing, you will get into trouble. Don't leave your fire damaged building be reviewed by unqualified individual or firm. Give us a call for all your fire damaged building structural evaluations.


Visual and Detailed Conditions Surveys

Structural evalautions of Buildings starts with a simple visual assessment called Preliminary or Visual Surveys. They are meant to have a qualified structural engineer with years of experince to visually recognize the structural charateristics of a building to identify possible problems, that an unqualified person would simply overlook. Follow-up Detailed Surveys are then required to confirm the visual observations so that proper repairs can be performed. Give us a call, we will ensure your structural interests are well take care of.


Structural Pre-Design Services

Structural Pre-designs are key to ensure that you know what are the extent of the repairs before you spend a lot of time and efforts designing the repairs that do not match the criteria being sought. Pre-Design will flush out concerns and issues that were either not addressed in the design before you actual design the repairs. Most Owners opt not to do these Pre-Designs to save on Engineering Costs, but at CSE we believe in them as being a critial part of the design phase. Give us a call for all your Pre-Design Services.


Concealed Structural Evaluation Reviews

Concealed or hidden conditions is a reality with existing structures. When you design a new structure you have full control over the construction, but when you deal with existing structures you have to deal with unknowns. Having an engineering firm with a proven track record of working with existing structures is very important to keep unforseen costs down. At CSE we exclusively deal with existing structures. We have years of experience working with existing buildings. Give us a call and don't let these concealed conditions make your project a nightmare.


Structural Re-Purposing Designs

In todays economy and new drive to recycle, there are many buildings out there that can be given a second life. Reduce, reuse and recycle applied to building structures it can be very cost effective solutions to re-purpose an existing old building. You will need to know exactly how bad or good condition it is before you can re-purpose. We have a great amount of experince in performing building condition assessments geared to re-purposing. Have an existing building you want to re-purpose. Give us a call.


Constructability Reviews

Many design and architect engineers do not pay enough attention to the Constructability of their new structures. This is especially a concern when a portion of the existing building needs to stay behind. At CSE we can help you. Bring us in early in the design stage and we can provide a comprehensive review of the proposed new construction and the effect it has on the existing building. We can design special shoring, rakers, lateral bracing systems to make sure your construction project proceeds in a plan manner with as little surprises as possible. Have a Constructability related problem, please give us a call.


Temporary Works

Temporary Works is a reality in any construction project. If you are a builder, a contractor or an owner constructing a large or small structure you will need temporary works to bridge the path between the construction time and the final installation. In our example above, our client needed a solution to allow the construction to proceed while maintaining the building in service. In the end, this temporary bridge was the solution and the work proceeding on time and without delays. Have a need for a temporary structure, then give us a call. we may have have a different perpective with a better solution.


Low Load Proprietary Shoring Design

Low Load Shoring, that is any load less than 500KN can typically be addressed with proprietary shoring system. In todays environment where very unexpesive shoring systems, there is a big concern with the quality and capacity of these shoring systems. Only use a reputable shoring supplier to shore your building and use CSE to design the shoring system for you. In the above photo, we are shoring a column support for an underground water storage tank where the column needed repairs. Do you have a shoring need, give us a call and we can help you.


High Load Structural Steel Shoring & Pre-Loading

High Load, that is any shoring load greater than 500KN should be preloaded. No matter what you try, you cannot induce any significant preload on a shoring job that has an excess of 500 KN load. If the shoring system is not pre-loaded, then your shoring system will deflect beyond an acceptable level leading to possible structural damage. Structural steel shoring with hydraulic jacks are the solution to ensure your structure does not move. In the above example a column had to be removed at the base for re-construction. Steel shores and a jacking system was formulated to address this concern. Have a high load shoring project. Please give us a call.


Special Structures - Post Tensioned

Post-Tensioned structures possess a certain dangers in both the construction, the long term servicibility and their demolition. Very high tension loads are applied to steel cables that run through the structure. Special care needs to be taken during their installation, but during its service life or the end of life (demolition) is where CSE can help. CSE has extensive expertise with post-tensioned buildings and with the explosive nature of these cable systems. Special care for the health and safety of workers and staff must be taken onto account when working with these type of structure. The demolition is also a very delicate process since you could have a sudden failure and collapse of the structure. Have a post-tension structure that needs some evaluation, repair work or demolitions, then call CSE.


Special Structures - Pre-Stressed

Another type of pre-loaded Structure are pre-cast structural components with highly stressed cables. These structures are not as dangerous as the post-tensioned structures since concrete is cast around the cables in a factory controlled environment. These structures are often confused as normal concrete structures. Damaging, cutting, drilling or chipping into the pre-stessing is extremely bad for the structural integrity of these structures. The localize loss of pre-loading creates a weaken sections of the structure like an bad link in a chain. Be extra carefull when working around these structures since they require special attention and maintenance. Have a pre-stressed structure, the give us a call, and leave this problem to us so we can properly and safely address it.


On Site - Load Testing Services

There are many circumstances where all the calculations you can make and all the theorectical reviews will not give you what you want or the confidence necessary to come to a conclusion. This is where a Load Test comes into place. A Load test will follow strict regulations to loads the structure using a controlled and measured manner and measure the actual deflections. This information is then take to the office where we compare the loads versus deflection and see if they meet Code requirements. If they do, then we can confirm the loads capacity of the structure or recommend allowable loads. Do you have a questional structures showing signs of too much deflections or concerns with the design. Give us a call, we can load test your structure.


Complete Contract Admistration Services

Any structural repairs that take place should be reviewed during the construction process. At CSE we can design these repairs and more importantly we can assist with partial or full Contract Adminitration Services. We will work with you to ensure that the repairs are performed as planned. We can perform spot reviews to full time construction reviews, material on-site testing, laborary testing, schedule monitoring, payments certificates and full administrations services. Have a Construction project that need partial or complete Contract Adminitartion? Then give us a call.


Monitoring Services

After or during your construction project, you may need to monitor the repairs or supports. At CSE we can provide these monitoring services customed designed for your particular needs. Vibration monitoring, Crack with Monitoring, Tilt Monitoring and Survey Targer Deflection Monitoring Services are part of our services. If you have a special requirement that needs to be monitored, please give us a call. We can perform a free complimentary site visit to evaluate your needs and recommend the best monitoring system for your project.


Can't Find the Service You are Looking For?

All the above services detail some but not all the services CSE performs. If you can't find the service you are looking for and it is Structurally related then most lilely we can help you out. The above photos shows a Carbon Fiber Repair taking place that was not listed in our Services. At CSE we can design Carbon Fiber Repairs and we were the early adopters of this technology. Give us a call for all your Structural Forensic and Structural Rehabilitation needs.