About CSE

Carvajal Structutural Engineers Inc.  (CSE)

CSE Core Values


At CSE we have an excellent reputation for providing high quality services without compromise.  CSE is very congizant that if you don't provide a quality product, you will not be around for long.  Quality is on our minds since we want to ensure that once we have you (as our customer), you will not go anywhere else.

"On Time"

Having a high quality product is usually not enough for us. We want to make sure that our Quality of Service is provided on time and within the established schedules.  Delays in work submissions has a negative impact on projects completions and the associted costs.

"Reasonable Costs"

At CSE we know that things are "tight" in the world enconomy. At CSE we will always provide you with a Quality Product which is On Time at a very Reasonable and Fair Cost.  We want to make sure you are happy with our services and want to leave you with a feeling that you "got your money's worth".

A bit about CSE

Carvajal Structural Engineer Inc. (CSE) is a specialized structural engineering firm primarily focused on existing buildings and general concrete, steel, wood and pre-stressed structures.  We have a specialized team that can provide you with complete in-house design services for a wide spectrum of assignments from on-site assessments, on-site monitoring, visual evaluations, detailed evaluations, restoration design services, repair design services, forensic investigations, design repairs, preparation of specifications & plans and complete construction management services.

CSE was incorporation and registered in the Province of Ontario, since 2004. The firm's director, president and owner is George Carvajal. Currently, CSE staff is composed of its Principal Senior Structural Engineer, Associate Senior Structural Engineer, Intermediate Structural Engineers, Junior Engineers, Cad Operators and Office Support Staff. Our work is complimented by subconsultants who assist us on an "as required basis". We have a very close relationship with a wide range multi-disciplinary subconsultant for all our Material Testing Services, Laboratory Services, Civil Design Services, Architect Services, Mechanical & Electrical Design Services and Geo-Foundation Design Services. CSE has offices in the City of Barrie and in the City of Toronto.

ACCREDITATIONS - LICENSE TO PRACTICE IN ONTARIO Member of Professional Engineers Ontario. Certificate of Authorization (C of A) Professional Engineers Ontario. Ontario Certificate of Registration of the Building Code (BCIN Certified).

TEMPORARY LICENSES TO PRACTICE IN QUEBEC Site Specific Licenses to Practice in Quebec.

ACCREDITATIONS - LICENSE TO PRACTICE IN NEW BRUNSWICK Member of Professional Engineers of New Brunswick. New Brunswick License to Practice.

ACCREDITATIONS - LICENSE TO PRACTICE IN NOVA SCOTIA Member of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia. CSE License to Practice.

ACCREDITATIONS - LICENSE TO PRACTICE IN NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR Member of Professional Engineers of Newfoundland & Labrador. CSE License to Practice.

ACCREDITATIONS - LICENSE TO PRACTICE IN ALBERTA Member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta. CSE Permit to Practice.

ACCREDITATIONS - LICENSE TO PRACTICE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA Member of Professional Engineers of British Columbia. CSE License to Practice.

ACCREDITATIONS - LICENSE TO PRACTICE IN SASKATCHEWAN Member of Professional Engineers of Saskatchewan. CSE License to Practice.


" A company is only good as it's Leaders, with that said lets meet the Leaders "


Mr. George Carvajal, P.Eng.

Mr. Carvajal is the Founder and Owner of CSE. Since its formation CSE has established itself as a leader in the field of Structural Forensics Investigations, Structural Temporary Works Designs, Structural Shoring Design, Structural Demolition Designs and Structural De-Commissioning Designs. For a brief history of Mr. Carvajal's experince, see side. For a copy of his CV click below.



Mr. Saeed Rezvani, P.Eng.

Mr. Rezvani is a key player at CSE. He has been at CSE since 2005. Mr. Rezvani is a key associate and forms part of what CSE's core business structure is all about. Mr. Rezvani's keen and fundamental understanding of structural design is his strongest asset to CSE. Mr. Rezvani has been in the field of structural design throught out his entire career and brings to CSE a wealth of knowledge and foresight into very complex problems. For a brief history of Mr. Rezvani's experince, see side. For a copy of his CV click below.


Career - Education

Mr. George Carvajal, P.Eng. - Senior Structural Engineer & Principal

  • June 2004 to Current - Carvajal Structural Engineers Inc. - Principal, Structural Forensic & Rehabilitation Specialist.
  • 2000-2004 - Toronto Transit Commission - Senior Structural Engineer, Engineering & Construction Department - Structural Department.
  • 1998-1999 Toronto Transit Commission - Construction Engineer, Engineering & Construction Department - Structural Department.
  • 1994-1997 Revay -Trow Venture – Engineering/ Management Consultant, Toronto Transit Commission.
  • 1992-1994 KST Hydroelectric Engineers (Trow Venture) - Structural Rehabilitation Design Lead -Structural Department.
  • 1989-1992 Trow Consulting Engineers Ltd. - Design & Rehabilitation Engineer, Structural Rehabilitation Division.
  • 1986-1988 Construction Control Limited - Junior Engineer – Soils/Concrete Engineer & Lab Testing.
  • 1981-1986 University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario - Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering Civil Engineering.

  • Mr. Saeed Rezvani, P.Eng. - Partner Senior Structural Engineer

  • 2006 to Current Carvajal Structural Engineers Inc. - Structural Designer.
  • 2001-May 2004 Senior Civil - Structural Engineer Arg Sazeh Co., Tehran, Iran.
  • 1991-2000 Senior Civil - Structural Engineer Various Engineering Firms, Teharn, Iran.
  • 1986-1990 B. Sc. Civil Structural Engineering, Amir Kabir University of Technology, Tehran Iran (Confirmed by CCPE).
  • Mr. Rezvani's Career - History

    Mr. Rezvani joined CSE in 2005 and since then has specialized himself in the field of structural design, structural forensic and structural rehabilitation. Mr. Rezvani has dedicated himself in providing services related to the investigation, design and restoration of steel, concrete, wood, pre-stressed and post-tensioned structures. Mr. Rezvani work related experience extends to all types of work to include; emergency structural reviews, pre-construction reviews, scaffolding design, shoring design, demolition, mechanical control drop designs, visual surveys, detailed condition surveys, pre-designs, detailed structural designs, contract preparation, construction reviews, structural collapse investigations, serviceability investigations and structural demolition designs. Mr. Rezvani has worked on many types of facilities to include; residential buildings, commercial buildings, parking structures, building balconies, roof structures, hospitals, power generation stations, historic buildings, subway tunnels, subway stations, bus garages, carhouse facilities, underground facilities, retaining walls, bridges and all types of post-tensioned & pre-stressed concrete structures.